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Rustic Solid English Oak Coffee Table.

Here is a handmade one-off coffee table made from a 400 year old english oak tree in the heart of devon. The wood has a particularly striking pattern, with many swirls, brown streaks and burrs.

Treated well this table could last you for generations to come!

This table would make a dramatic focal-point for any room.

Dimensions: 115cm long, 38cm high, 60cm wide & 6.5cm thick.

£349 SOLD!!
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Elegant Unique Oak Table

A slender coffee table, beautiful grain pattern with streaks of brown.

Rustic but engineered Oak branches for legs, presenting an elegant craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 147cm long, 35cm high, 42cm wide & 3.5cm thick.

Hand crafted Original English Hardwood Chopping, Cheese & Hook Boards
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