Find examples of some of the jobs we have undertaken so far, giving you an idea of some the tasks we tackle.
Here at Honiton Hardwoods we always love a challenge and with the type of machinery we have to hand, we can often tackle complex tasks which sometimes a confident tree surgeon will not even consider. 
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Dismantling & Removal of a Huge Fallen Oak.
An old Park Grown, lightning struck Turkey Oak still hanging in there on a steep hill side.

Due to the sloping landscape, the sheer scale of the tree and the nearby house below, four Tree Surgeons had turned the risky job of removing what was left of the huge storm damaged Oak down, which is where we were called in to access the situation. Using the Timber Tractors winches from afar, the huge tree was brought effortlessly safely to the ground for dismantling.


The tree was then broken down bit by bit, with the aid of our MS880 Stihl Chainsaw and the priceless tractor mounted timber crane, manhandling everything effortlessly and preventing any stray bits rolling off site.


The final clear up was finished with the help of the timber crane, leaving nothing behind but a small stump and the nearby planted Oak to takes it place. All the brushwood was burnt up on site and the wood was taken away with the Timber Trailer.

Felling a Huge Road Side Beech Tree.
An old hedge grown Beech tree suffering from rot on the corner of a major road .

 Due to the owner being responsible for road debris and possible falling of the tree onto the road I was asked in to have it down whilst the road was to be closed for the first time in 20 years. Fitting both winch cables high up the tree allowed for maximum leverage in pulling the vast tree down in the direction required. 


 No limbs were removed beforehand, a wedge was removed and with the remote winch capabilities, the tree was pulled down to the ground in no more than and hour and a half, compared with a tree surgeons quotation of 2 days. The rest of the clear can now be done safely on the ground. 

Large Garden Oak Tree Up-Rooted on Driveway.
An old garden oak tree fell during the night right next to the house and across the driveway..

An old Oak uprooted during the night, luckily falling away from the house but landing across the driveway. Dismantling the tree was undertaken very carefully to prevent any further damage to the driveway, garden wall and lawn. The root stock was also removed.


The owner decided that after spending so many of his years around the tree he would like to make some furniture from the wood extracted. So it was taken back to our yard and sawn into large planks for him to build some memerable piece. 

Some examples of where our wood has ended up...
We supply wood to all areas of wood working, here are a few photos of the finshed results.

If you like what you see I am more than happy to put you in touch with the woodworkers who constructed any of the items shown to put your selected wood together to produce custom order specifications. Inquire within for more details.

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