Firewood, Kindling & Sawdust

From the type of work we carry out locally, any saw-able lumber goes for sawmilling with the rest going for mixed hardwood firewood.  All of our wood is sourced from either windfall, dead/damaged or woodland managed trees.
Over 60% of our current firewood stock is English grown Oak, Beech and Ash.

All our wood is stored for a minimum of two years before it is sold with at least a year of it being in its final split form in specially designed breathable log bags under cover for optimum drying and not left in the round until months,
weeks or sometimes even on the day of delivery like many other log suppliers today. 


If you are a new customer trying to find a reliable supply of really dry hardwood firewood, you are more than welcome to pop in and pick up a bag of logs to trial before committing to a full load. Should you want to save money and season the wood yourself we can do semi-seasoned logs at a reduced rate. 


Delivery mileage is calculated from our site in Farway. Delivery can usually be within 7 days of receiving the order.


The average length of log is around 10 to 12 inches, however, larger or smaller logs can be selected depending on your Woodburner requirements. Please note that all our logs are loosely loaded & priced for tipping out logs on delivery.

For manhandling/moving/stacking of logs, I charge £8 per cubic meter of firewood and a cup of tea would be nice.

Please specify before delivery your maximum log length, any bags of starting wood or fire-lighters you may
require, if you would like more softwood mixed in and whether you require me to bring a wheelbarrow for unloading.


Please visit out Facebook home page to view our positive feedback on our quality dry logs.

Looking for a new,
low carbon footprint

log supplier?


Over 50% of our current stock
is locally sourced Oak & Beech.

All of our wood is locally sourced, we do not import any firewood and our whole fleet of vehicles are powered by used veg oil 

Split Seasoned Mixed Hardwood Firewood


Small 1 Bag (Standard 25kg Feed/Fertiliser Bag)   - £8.50

Collection only


Pickup Standard 1.5 Cubic Meters (Toyota Hilux)    - £145

Free Delivery within 8 miles.

Pickup Extra 2.5 Cubic Meters (Toyota Hilux)          - £200

Free Delivery within 12 miles.


Kindling/Starting Wood

Softwood Kindling

£7.50 per big net bag (Subject to Availability)

Fire Lighters

£1.20 per box

5 Boxes for £5


Fine Sawmill Sawdust

Fine Sawdust (Mixed Hard/softwood & Subject to Availability)

Sawdust free to collect, if you provide bags and load yourself

£3.50 per bag

£15 per dumpy bag

Semi-Seasoned Split Firewood.

Make even bigger savings by seasoning your own firewood before winter.


Pickup Extra 2.5 Cubic Meters (Hilux)                    - £155
Free Delivery within 10 miles.

Locals Extra Large 4 Cubic Meters (Tipper Trailer)    - £220
Free Delivery within 3 miles.
Cut and split to your desired log length.
Green to Semi-Seasoned Firewood
by the Round.
Pickup Extra 2.5 Cubic Meters (Hilux)                    - £110
Free Delivery within 8 miles
Locals Extra Large 4 Cubic Meters (Tipper Trailer)    - £155
Free Delivery within 3 miles.
Rounds will vary from 3" up to 40" in diameter and may contain knots etc.
Log length can be specified.


Wood Shavings

Dry Wood Shavings from workshop (Subject to Availability)

£4.50 per bag

£25 per dumpy bag

For any other quantities/variations and delivery charges please contact us.

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