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We currently stock a range of English grown Hardwoods. Available in; Seasoned barn air dried, Semi-Seasoned and Fresh/Green grades (moisture content or relative mass is available upon request).

Many different widths, thicknesses and lengths to choose from, including waney edged, character, knotty, pre-finished/planed and rough, plain & quarter sawn finishes. Custom sized boards can be re-sawn to suit. All boards can be planed to your individual requirements along with board edge rebating and routing services.

We also stock a number of beams and numerous sized structural timbers.

For any Timber enquiry what so ever please feel free to contact me.

Wood Types Available
  • Yew

  • Holly

  • Apple

  • Cherry

  • Walnut

  • Softwoods

  • Reclaimed Timber

  • American Oak

  • English Oak

  • Brown Oak

  • Chestnut

  • Beech

  • Elm

  • Ash

Available Timber & Finishes
  • Beams

  • Turning Blocks

  • Shingles

  • Structural

  • Show Piece

  • Feather Edging

  • Flooring, Cladding, Door

  • Custom Sizing

  • Router Edging

  • Character/Plain/Knotty

  • Rebating

  • Waney Edge

  • Re-Sawing

  • Planing

Finished Product Examples
  • Chopping Boards

  • Menu Holders

  • Cheese Boards

  • Hook Boards

  • Furniture

  • Beams

  • Signs

  • Oars

  • Doors

  • Jenga

  • Shelfs

  • Cladding

  • ​Ridge Plates

  • Floor Boards

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Hand Made Ash Unit

Ash supplied to create this beautiful piece. Constructed by John Luff.