From Forest To Final Form...
Forest Forwarding, Timber Extraction & Transportation


We can extract, transport & relocate timber from various locations & in various forms on & off road using the Timber Tractor, crane, winch & trailer.


Timber Tractor Crane & Winch: a 110 HP Valmet 6600 with 6 degrees of freedom telescopic hydraulic timber crane & 5m reach capability. Twin drum 5 ton (doubles up to an 8 ton or more) high speed Igland 5002 TL winch with radio remote control for quick and safe single manned operation.


Timber Trailer: A power driven twin axle extendable 12 Ton capacity timber trailer is also available for on and off road transportation.



Includes Experienced Operator. Reduced Rates for multiple days.
Plus you have the option to part exchange your wood against the hire cost.

Special Offer - Hire for 4 consecutive days & get your 5th day completely free!*



Not only are we able to extract your wood but we can saw it to your specification & return as finished lumber ready for personal use with our  Woodmizer LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill.


We can do any custom orders you may require in Fresh, Semi -Seasoned or Seasoned lumber should stock be available. For an extensive quantity of sawing the saw bench can be relocated to work on site thanks to its portability and quick setup capabilities. Inquire within. See more under Timber.


£30 an Hour.
Includes Experienced Operator. 
Reduced Rates for multiple days.

Firewood & Other Logging Services


We stock & supply mixed hardwood logs either green, semi-seasoned or fully seasoned by the round or split.  We deliver a range of load sizes throughout the South West & all year round. A collection can be arranged, see Firewood section for more details. We also have a limited supply of Sawdust & shavings for sale.


For any other tree felling or logging services we can provide a portable; bench saw & 2 log splitters, a tree de-Barker & a huge range of chainsaws for any size tree. We also have a Ford 4000 County Tractor with a 3.5 Tonne Quick-Winch, Tipper trailer & wood chipper depending on the job requirements. See Projects for example jobs.


Free job quotations avaialble upon request.
Part or even full payment can be exchanged for wood.
Reduced Rates for larger jobs/
mulitiple days.

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